All About Billionaire Mark Cuban

Before Mark Cuban became a “sports fanatic” he was regarded as “just another billionaire.” Born in Pittsburgh on the 31 July 1958, he started his first attempt at business by selling powdered milk and garbage bags to people who lived in his neighborhood. He later attended Indiana University and paid for his education by offering dancing lessons and writing chain-letters.

Even in his college days, he became known as “controversial” where he gained the reputation of being outspoken. Also, he became known as a rule-breaker and took advanced courses even in his freshman year. His advisor at the time convinced not to pursue his MBA once he completed his bachelor’s degree.
In 1982, when he had completed college, Cuban founded a company called Micro solutions in Dallas. This company became the reseller of numerous other computer-service companies such as Sun Microsystems, Apple, and Novell. Also, this company adopted technology that included CompuServe and Lotus Notes that at the time was way ahead of the average mainstream. In the month of July 1990, Mark Cuban sold the company for an astounding 6 million dollars to CompuServe.

This was just a beginning for Mark Cuban; he went on to make a real name for himself and moved onto owning the famous Dallas Mavericks. In the world of basketball, Cuban is well known for his controversial behavior.

Billionaire Mark Cuban’s Philosophy For Success

Mark Cuban states in various interviews that he began to understand his personal strengths at the tender age of 12 where he started his career selling garbage bags in his neighborhood. In selling Mark Cubanthese items, he quickly realized that he enjoyed the thrill of selling and that he already had a good way of selling. He also realized the value of providing services from selling to his customers.

When he was 16, he began a stamp enterprise where he attended trade shows and stamp shows. He recognized that his strength lies in working that little bit extra where ordinary people usually stop. He even recalls in those days that he began with just one quarter buying only one stamp and later progressing onto $50.00.  Mark Cuban realizes that he has always had a passion for whatever path he followed. He remembers clearly while still in school staying up till the early hours of the morning memorizing Scott’s Stamp Journals and Linn’s Stamp News before heading off to school for the day. Later on in college his diligence flourished where he spent many hours in the college library looking up business biographies and reading any book about business.

When he started up his first real company Micro Solutions, he began with no-money. He used borrowed computers where he would spend sleepless nights teaching him about the software and programming.  He goes on to state that he has always really enjoyed the competition related to the world of business and relates his success to working at it 24 hours a day, seven days a week and 365 days a year. He also states that there will always be someone just around the corner who will try to outdo you. And this is where it is always best to stay in the competition and prove that you are the best.

Mark Cuban strongly believes that to gain success and keep it; one must have passion. He believes that any person is looking for success first has to love what they are doing. He also believes that it has nothing to do with who you may know but rather an amount of cash you have to access your success. He believes that to find really true success a person should only pursue a business path that they truly have a passion for.  He did not know in the early stages of his success that he had a passion for technology and computers. However, after his very first class in “computers” he decided to purchase his very first PC and began to teach himself how to program. Four hours after working on this computer he realized he had a passion for the computer world. In the beginning, he states that he made a lot of failures, but it was his love for the computer and technology game that made him push on and later find huge success.

Mark Cuban believes that anyone can find success if they are aware of their weaknesses and strengths and then finding something that they enjoy doing. He states that if anyone looks at their career as a type of “job” they are already on the road to failure. Once someone can find something they are truly passionate about, they can use their personal strengths to help others and their business to grow to levels they never dreamed possible.

Mark Cuban Interview by Tai Lopez

This is a very fun interview where Mark Cuban went over to Tai Lopez’s house for 4 hours. They talk about success and shoot some hoops. Mark gives away a lot of incredible tips.  Tai Lopez was really lucky to have Mark over for such an intensive interview.