Gold Investment Guide

Are you planning to add gold to your investment portfolio? If yes, then you are probably thinking as to what kind of gold you should buy. Well, it basically depends on your goals. If you want to hedge financial uncertainty or want to take advantage on the price movement, then the best choice is bullion coins. Gold is a wealth insurance. The value of gold continues to rise as time passes by. If you want to add gold to your investment portfolio, then now is the perfect time to do so. Diversifying your investment portfolio by adding gold ensures that your wealth is not compromised in times of economic instability and uncertainty.Why choose gold?

Gold is a solid long-term investment and is a valuable addition to your investment portfolio. It is a universal currency and its value is recognized worldwide. There are a number of reasons why gold is a popular investment option. They are the following:
• Gold holds its value – The value of gold continues to rise as time passes by. In fact, its value is less likely affected by economic instability. It is very highly unlikely for the gold to decrease its value. The reason for this is that gold is a fixed quantity and considered a commodity. On the other hand, dollar is a fiat currency and does not have inherit value.
• Liquidity – One of the best things about gold is that it can easily be converted into cash. It is recognized worldwide and so it does not matter where you are in the world. If you wish to add gold to your portfolio, you can always do so. You get to enjoy the benefits later on even if you are in the other end of the earth.
• Inflation hedge – Gold is usually priced in US dollars. If the dollar deteriorates, the value of gold goes up. If you need hedge against inflation, then gold is the answer. Gold is a much stable investment compared to cash.

• Portfolio diversification – By diversifying your portfolio, you are protecting your wealth and lowers the overall investment risk. Gold is a perfect way of diversifying your portfolio because it moves inversely to the stock market.
• Universally accepted investment – Gold is a universal commodity. It is used in producing various products like jewelry and electronics. Its value is recognized worldwide.
What percentage of asset should you invest in gold?
Experts suggest that you should invest at least 5% to 30% of your assets to gold and other precious metals. As to how high you would go, well, it depends on various factors such as the current economic condition, financial instability, and political situation.

Where to buy Gold?

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