Investing in Chocolate Diamonds

Do chocolate diamonds exist? Can chocolate and diamond go together? The answer is yes! Chocolate Diamonds is the registered trademark of the Le Vian group; that is one of the renowned levian chocolate diamond ringjewelers in the world. The company specializes in creating high-quality jewelry using only the finest diamonds on earth. Chocolate Diamonds is one of the popular jewelry lines created by Le Vian.

Chocolate Diamonds are made from high-quality brown diamonds with varying shades such as light brown, medium brown, and deep brown. Quality wise, chocolate diamonds are evaluated and graded using the 4Cs principle (cut, karat, clarity, and color).  The 4C’s are the same evaluation used in grading all kinds of diamonds.

The Popularity of Chocolate Diamonds

molly sims wearing chocolate diamondsMany years ago, brown diamonds were not that valued as a jewelry piece. In fact, they are considered an inferior diamond class because they do not have the luster and shine. In 2000, the Le Vian Group came up with a smart marketing idea and that is to market high-quality brown diamonds as “Chocolate Diamonds.” They have come up with jewelry designs that are irresistibly appealing to the eyes of diamond and jewelry loves.

From then on, Chocolate Diamonds has become the name for luscious, beautiful, rich brown colored diamonds. It has become the talk of the town that even Hollywoodgwen stefani wearing chocolate diamonds celebrities and famous personalities were spotted wearing chocolate diamonds. Some of them are Jennifer Lopez, Rihanna, Halle Berry, and Pink.

Brown Diamonds

From an inferior diamond, brown diamonds are now the superior stone for fashion. Le Vian has been very successful in combining two cozy things: diamond and chocolate. A combination of these two luscious things is truly fabulous. Everybody loves rich, elegant, and exquisite things, and that is what you can get from Chocolate Diamonds. Today, brown diamonds symbolize purity, love, beauty, self-worth, power, peace, harmony, stability, dependability, and confidence. The distinct natural earthy beauty of chocolate diamonds has made it one of the practical yet elegant jewelry must-have today.

Buying Chocolate Diamonds

Chocolate Diamonds has become very popular that you can find them almost everywhere. In fact, you can find them at the leading online and offline stores. As a smart buyer, you should know how to spot genuine chocolate diamonds from synthetic ones. If you want to get the real thing, then make sure you purchase from a highly reputable jewelry store.

Le Vian

The Le Vian Jewelry store is the trusted name when buying chocolate diamonds. It offers a huge array of choices such as earrings, rings, bracelets, necklaces, pendants, and the likes. It also offers levian chocolate diamondsgreat discounts with every bulk purchase. If for some reasons, you can’t purchase straight from Le Vian, then do not worry. You can still get high-quality Chocolate Diamonds from Le Vian’s authorized dealers such as Kays, Jared, and Zales. If you prefer buying from someone else, then make sure you ask for proof of authenticity. Always keep in mind that nothing beats the real thing. Fake brown diamonds look like real, but they do not have market resale value, and the color will change over time.