Jody Kriss and East River Partners April 28, 2015

I have seen the name Jody Kriss in the news quite a bit now.  There are a lot of Jody Kriss websites online and the truth of the matter is that most of them are fake and not websites that areauthorized by Mr. Jody Kriss.  This website is a verified Jody Kriss website –

Who is Jody Kriss?

Jody Kriss is a major player in the development and financing of real estate in New York City.  He has focused on development in Manhattan and Brooklyn while founding East River Partners LLC.  He started his career in the investment banking sector prior to his partnership at the Bayrock Group where he was a actively involved in major waterfront property projects in New York.

For accurate information on Jody Kriss take a look at his bio here on East River Partners website.

Jody Kriss from East River Partners

Jody Kriss


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