Scheduling Institute: Offering Effective Marketing Solutions

Jay GeierJay Geier

For dentists two grow their practice and business as a whole, they should be able to deliver high quality services to their patients. However, the market competition for dentist is very tight and so every dentist should come up with effective ways to increase his/her business operation.

Scheduling Institute Started By Jay Geier

The Scheduling Institute is the best answer to the marketing needs of dentist. It is a company founded by Jay Geier using his 25 years of experience in training dental practitioners and the dental

Jay Geier

Jay Geier

team in general. His company revolutionized dental marketing using different effective marketing techniques and one of the basics is telephone answering. About 90% of new patients call the dental office to ask basic questions and eventually set up an appointment with the dentist. However, these calls can only be converted into actual patients if the front desk officer properly addresses the questions and concerns of the caller. Studies showed that more than 50% of these calls are not actually converted to actual patients because the front desk officer is not properly equipped with the needed knowledge and skills in answering telephone and attending to patient’s concern at that very moment.

The role of Scheduling Institute

The role of SI is to encourage, train, and support the dental team so that they will be able to perform at their most at all times. He and his team will conduct training using tested and proven strategies and techniques. Furthermore, SI will also conduct mystery calls on a regular basis to properly assess the dental team’s ability to handle new patient’s call. The telephone conversation will be assessed using the scale 0-5 with 5 being the highest. If the rate is below 4, then you are literally in the losing end. You will not only lose potential new patients, but as well as the old ones.

The Scheduling Institute training program does not only center on telephone answering, but as well as other aspects of dental profession including the following:

• Coaching and consulting
• Telephone training
• Creating responsibility
• Systematizing
• Incentivizing
• Targeting recommendations and accountability

Jay Geier Can Help Your Dental Business

If you have been in the dental industry for a significant period of time and your business still does not reach the expected return of investment, then it is time for you to question your marketing scheduling institute trainingstrategy. Is there something wrong with your dental services? Was it your staff? Are your people not performing as expected? Is your business does not have the kind of exposure it needs? Do you feel the urge to train your dental team? If yes is your answer to these questions, then it’s time for you to consider the Scheduling Institute. Jay Geier and his team will surely help you make it big in the dental industry.