Shelly Sun’s Home Health Care Franchise

demand in home health care

Home health franchise industry is booming as the aging population in the United States continues to grow. The industry booms have made medical, nonmedical, and skilled care badly needed. If you are a businessman who wants to venture into something profitable, then home health care franchise is the answer.

Reasons to Start a Home Health Franchise

Continuous demand in home health care

The United States has a very good health care system. Many people live a healthy life, life expectancy is very long, and the number of people 65 years old and older will exceed to 50 million, and demand in home health caredeemed to double by 2050. This senior population prefers to receive the care they need right at the comfort of their very home rather than staying in an assisted living facility. Hence, home health care is needed today and in the coming years.

Already proven business model

Home health care franchise is using an already proven business model. The system has undergone thorough study, has been in the market for a significant period, and has already been proven profitable. If you want to have your own business and at the same time have the passion for helping others, then home health care franchise is the best for you.

Brand recognition and support

One of the integral parts of business is brand recognition. You will not be able to hit your target market if your brand is not recognized; more so, if it does not receive the support it needs. With franchising, you are venturing to an already recognized brand. The owner of the company has spent time, money, and effort to have their brand recognized by the national as well as international market. What’s even great with franchising is that you will be given the kind of support you need in starting and growing your business. If you have little knowledge about business, especially home health care, then you need not to worry because you will be given layers of support, which you can use throughout your journey.

Why choose BrightStar Care Home Healthcare Franchise?

BrightStar Care is a company owned by Shelly Sun. It is one of the leading home health care franchises today. As a matter of fact, it ranked as the number one franchise in investment in Investment Level by Forbes. The company was also featured in Undercover Boss in April of 2011. In a span of 10 years, the company has successfully grown to $250 million in system wide sales and currently it has more than 250 locations throughout the United States of America and some parts of Canada.

Shelly Sun on Under Cover Boss

Shelly Sun on Under Cover Boss

Shelly Sun, then woman behind BrightStar Home Health Care is an entrepreneur with more than a decade of experience in health care, accounting, distribution, and strategic planning. The system she used in running BrightStar has become very effective that the company has executed business growth and success. Hence, BrightStar Home Healthcare Franchise is an exciting opportunity to people who want to run their own health care business.

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